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The Old Forge, Sonning is a listed building. I have repurposed my clinic using sustainable natural furniture and recycled equipment and material. This includes the most Eco-friendly products and UK-made and sourced equipment.


I support local businesses with similar ethos and endeavor to support, promote and educate sustainable, Planet-friendly Health, Wellbeing, and Living.

"When we care for the Earth we feel the ripples"

Greener Health was initially founded at my house in Copacabana,
Australia. We moved back to the UK in August 2021. We had a full circle
(garden to product) homegrown and crafted Apothecary of natural Balms,
Oils and Essences. Handmade with my husband and daughter and poured
into little glass amber jars, We now formulate these products with UK
native ingredients and I use them in treatments.

I am excited to share these and they will soon be available to purchase.

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